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$550 £400 Paid

Cloth Badges

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£1500 paid for NPEA Daggers

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, Luftwaffe. An Officer’s Converted Overseas Cap  Price $299..

NCO’s Visor Cap $675 .

.Luftwaffe EM/NCO’s Overseas cap $235..

 Luftwaffe. An Officer’s Visor Cap, Price $781.

Artillery NCO’s Vicor Cap, by Robert Lubstein $780..

Luftwaffe Officer’s Visor Price $1,055 .
.Officer’s Summer Visor Cap by Robert Lübstein  $1,001
M0251-145 Add to Compare Germany. A 1937 Luftwaffe Artillery NCO’s Visor Cap, by Robert Lubstein Sold For $675 G36595 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. A Mechanic & Flak Helper Overseas Cap, c. 1937 Sale Date: May 8, 2018 Hammer Price $231 G36596 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. An EM/NCO’s Overseas Cap Sale Date: May 8, 2018 Hammer Price $280 G36516 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. An Officer’s Visor Cap Sale Date: May 1, 2018 Hammer Price $789 G36157 Add to Compare Germany, NSFK. An Early Officer’s Kepi, by Bruno Zins of Berlin Sale Date: April 6, 2018 Hammer Price $1,903 G36162 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. An Artillery NCO’s Summer Visor Cap Sale Date: June 26, 2018 Hammer Price $470 XY039 Add to Compare Germany. A Luftwaffe General’s Visor Cap Sale Date: March 18, 2018 Hammer Price $4,826 M0231-40 Add to Compare Germany. A Luftwaffe NCO’s Visor Cap by Robert Lubstein, Dated 1936 Sale Date: March 18, 2018 Hammer Price $701 G34181 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe NCO/EM's Overseas Cap Sold For $270 G33692 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Fliegertruppe Officer’s Visor Cap Sale Date: October 29, 2017 Hammer Price $452 G33493 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Tropical “Hermann Meyer” Type EM's Service Cap Sale Date: July 17, 2018 Hammer Price $2,001 G26702 Add to Compare An Early Lufthansa Attendant's Side Cap $325 G25221 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe EM/NCO’s Overseas Cap Sold For $250 G29676 Add to Compare A 1942-Issue LuftwaffeNCO’s Artificial Fur Winter Cap “Ushanka” by G.A. Hoffmann Sale Date: April 12, 2017 Hammer Price $426 G25885 Add to Compare A Rare Mint Luftwaffe NCO’s Civil Fire Brigade Visor Cap by Carl Halfar Sold For $500 G27071 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Afrika Korps Overseas Enlisted Man's Side Cap Sale Date: December 21, 2016 Hammer Price $378 G26580 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe EM/NCO’s Overseas Cap Sale Date: August 16, 2017 Hammer Price $201 G26618 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Hermann Göring Panzer Division EM/NCO’s Overseas Cap Sale Date: December 6, 2016 Hammer Price $501 G25839 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Enlisted Man's/NCO's Tropical Side Cap Sale Date: October 29, 2017 Hammer Price $527 G26248 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Tropical EM/NCO’s Overseas Cap Sale Date: November 25, 2016 Hammer Price $379 G25783 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Hermann Göring Division Enlisted Man's Side Cap 1935 Sale Date: November 10, 2016 Hammer Price $478 G23309 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Air Communications Corps Visor Cap Named to Radio Operator Albert Maier Sale Date: March 22, 2017 Hammer Price $401 G23664 Add to Compare A Second War Luftwaffe Model K33 Winter Flying Helmet $325 G23663 Add to Compare A Second War Luftwaffe Model L Kp N 101 Summer Flying Helmet Sold For $390 G17967 Add to Compare An M43 Luftwaffe NCO's Field Cap Sale Date: December 21, 2016 Hammer Price $501 G22701 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Officer's Overseas Field Cap Sale Date: July 19, 2017 Hammer Price $326 G22702 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Officer's Visor Cap by Robert Lubstein Sale Date: May 15, 2016 Hammer Pric$231 M0271-140 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. A Tropical Hermann Meyer Type EM/NCO Service Cap Sale Date: April 16, 2019 Hammer Price $1,901 G41087 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. An EM/NCO’s M43 Field Cap Sold For $475 G40873 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. An Officer’s Tropical Field Visor Cap $1,970 G40492 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. An EM/NCO’s Overseas Cap Sale Date: February 26, 2019 Hammer Price $201 G40046 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. An Officer’s Visor Cap, by Peküro Sold For $900 G38745 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. A Fur & Leather Winter Cap, 1943 $495 G39875 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. An EM/NCO Overseas Cap Sale Date: January 8, 2019 Hamd to Compare A Luftwaffe Air Communications Corps Visor Cap Named to Radio Operator Albert Maier Sale Date: March 22, 2017 Hammer Price $401 G23664 Add to Compare A Second War Luftwaffe Model K33 Winter Flying Helmet $325 G23663 Add to Compare A Second War Luftwaffe Model L Kp N 101 Summer Flying Helmet Sold For $390 G17967 Add to Compare An M43 Luftwaffe NCO's Field Cap Sale Date: December 21, 2016 Hammer Price $501 G22701 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Officer's Overseas Field Cap Sale Date: July 19, 2017 Hammer Price $326 G22702 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Officer's Visor Cap by Robert Lubstein Sale Date: May 15, 2016 Hammer Price $1,000 G21856 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Signals (Nachtrichten) NCO/Enlisted Man's Visor Cap by WILLY RAST, NÜRNBERG Sale Date: September 24, 2016 Hammer Price $489 G19397 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Officer's Overseas Cap. Sold For $450 G17868 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Officer's Visor Sold For $720 G7683 Add to Compare A LKp S-101 Luftwaffe Flying Helmet Sold For $485 G4058 Add to Compare Officer's Summer White Visor Cap Sold For $990 G4059 Add to Compare A Fine Officer's Visor Sold For $990 G3568 Add to Compare Luftwaffe Officer's Overseas Cap. Sold For $650 G12741 Add to Compare WWII Luftwaffe Model L Kp N 101 Summer Flying Helmet Sold For $480 G16591 Add to Compare An Early Luftwaffe Officer's Visor Cap by Erel Consignment #6 Sold For $1,350 G16590 Add to Compare A Luftwaffe Officer's Visor by Erel consignment #6 Sold For $1,150 
 Germany, SS. A Waffen-SS Infantry Obersturmführer’s Dress Tunic, Germany, Luftwaffe. A Luftwaffe Beamte (Administration) Meteorological Officer’s Uniform by C.A. Herpich, Germany, Reichsnährstand. A 4th Rechsnährstands Exhibition Badge by Deschler & Sohn, 1937,Italy. The M.S.V.N. Milizia Confinaria (Border Militia) General's Dagger, A M.S.V.N. General's Dagger , Germany. An Early Model 1933 SA Dagger, by Aesculap of Tuttingen , Germany. A 1933 SS-Dagger by Kirschbaum & Co. of Weyersberg,Germany (Third Reich). Second War , Germany, SA. A SA Dagger by David Malsch, Germany, SS. A 1936 Model SS Service Dagger, Germany, Kriegsmarine. A German Naval Officer’s Dagger by E. & F. Hörster, Germany, HJ. A Schloß Burg (Castle Burg) 800-Year Anniversary Custom HJ Knife, Germany, Luftwaffe. A Letter Opener, c.1939 , Italy, Kingdom. A Fascist Period Arditi-Style Skull Badge, Italy, Kingdom. A Fascist Period Arditi-Style Skull Badge, Germany, Sturmabteilung. A Sturmabteilung Dagger, by Arthur Evertz , Germany, SA. A Sturmabteilung (SA) Dagger, by Stoecker & Co. Sale, Germany, SA. A Ground Röhm Dagger, by Ernst Pack & Söhne, Germany, Heer. An Army Officer’s Dagger, by Richard Herder 

Your WW2 items are highly valuable !
Financial Rewards Waiting In Exchange For Historic WW2 Memorabilia
This is the pioneering specialist website tasked with acquiring and thus preserving WW2 Memorabilia. We buy historical items of every description , from all countries around the world We provide free valuations and identification for any number of pre 1946 Militaria
Fast, Accurate , Free Appraisals
If you’re simpy curious how much your WWII items are worth yet you are not ready to sell We provide free appraisals. No commitment on your part is expected we are conscious of those within the industry pressurise those who contact them. Our believe is simply this. If we provide the most winning offers/valuations we will get our fare share of business .. Emails are responded to quickly and professionally. Many emails will be responded to within one hour.
Please make sure when emailing, that you take clear pictures of the WWII item. A brief history of where it came from would be nice, but usually not necessary.
Shipping and Payment Information
Be smart, be safe on internet transactions. Google my name / website to see that I am legit with only positive transactions. References upon Request.
Payment can be made in advance though: PayPal (recommended),
Or Money Order, Cashiers Check or Western Union for goods received .
We make the selling process of your WW2 memorabilia fast and easy. David Mattey of WW2 Buyer has turned his lifelong love of Militaria into a career . David Says he is comforted to know that he plays a part in locating and preserving historic items for generations to come.
Top Prices paid in advance (Paypal)lmets, caps, visors, flags, field gear, equipment, medals, insignia, uniforms, knives, guns, paper work, trench art, photo albums, battle souvenirs, relics or veteran’s bring backs. Every nations WW2 memorabilia is required by the industry’s most conscientious buyer, including, but not limited to: US, German, Japanese, Russian, and Italian militaria. Individual pieces and large lots welcomed. Sell WWII German helmets here. for your World War 2 Militaria, to Include heccccc The memory of service provided by your family member is of great importance to us . Details of the late owners will be rewarded by additional payments. All WWII items happily accepted for a free appraisal
If you are simply curious as to what your World War Two item is worth, are happy to take a look at images received and provide you the correct market valuation . We appreciate all messages received regardless of weather you are ready to sell or a simply curious..
Do not be taken in by advertisers who claim to be collectors or teaches this type of website is very expensive to run and to maintain it’s position. Think carefully before taking the first offer gain several opinions then you will now who to deal with and who to forge a trading relationship with.
Some of the Third Reich Nazi militaria found in this web site may be offensive to some people. Third Reich Depot has not had any affiliation with any future, present, or past political parties, military organization, or religious orders. We strive to provide authentic World War II collectibles from the Nazi Party including combat, political, and civil organizations such as the Allgemeine and Waffen SS, Hitler Youth, BDM, Luftwaffe, Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine, NSKK, NSFK, Polizei, etc. The items we offer are intended for collectors of World War II German memorabilia and educational research purposes only. The Third Reich Depot is sympathetic to all victims of World War II, and offers items significant to those collectors as well. World War II was one of man's greatest tragedies so we strive to continue the education and provide the public with the tools needed to further our knowledge, and to assure that we don't forget.
As the founding specialists in internet militaria buying our experience is great. As dealers we wish to purchase most material from the Third Reich period. . Our had any affiliation with any future, present, or past political parties, military organization, or religious orders. We strive to acquire  authentic World War II collectibles from the Nazi Party including combat, political, and civil organizations such as the Allgemeine and Waffen SS, Hitler Youth, BDM, Luftwaffe, Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine, NSKK, NSFK, Polizei, etc. The items we offer are intended for museums, advanced collectors and ethical investment groups . Educational research facilities are also amoungst those whom we supply .

ON-LINE German Dagger Buyer


German Dagger is the only specialist site dedicated to buying German Daggers .

David Mattey Is Online Now obtain your free offer/valuation today!

We do not sell blades on line. Our customers include Museums in Europe , Ethical City investment groups and mature collectors.

German Dagger Buyers Buy For Museums and Advanced Investors

The daggers and souvenirs bought home after WW2 are still surfacing , When we started our online German Dagger buying site we were contacted by veterans who had served in Europe and Africa .

Nazi Dagger

Today we provide our services to the sons, daughters and grand children of the Second world war veterans. During the Third Reich period any public servants and all officers in the services carried daggers and bayonets to denote status or rank .

Germany’s air force the Luftwaffe carried primarily two patterns of dagger . The “Heer” or Army officers carried a dagger as did the Navy or Kriegsmarine . Members of the Hitler Youth carried a small knife .

.However the most frequently encountered Dagger is the S.A. Daggers … Other Scarcer daggers include that of the Diplomats ,The RLB , Customs , TENO, DLV, and perhaps a further dozen organisations .

The primary souvenir of choice for any returning serviceman was a German Dagger. German Dagger Buyers pay up front , in advance using the Paypal service. For customers within range of our store direct bank transfer or cash is available upon receipt of your items
We cover all global shipping charges.




German Swords Wanted!


Dear Customer,

International laws regarding the
of edged weapons (Knives,Swords)
are changing .


The import and export of
fighting knives
and swords with curved blades
has already been banned in
some countries and perhaps
for good reason.


Many believe that the end is
in sight for
unregulated websites 
offering offensive weapons
purely mail order.
  irespective of how historic
they may be. 



German swords
Do not offer their  swords or
knives on-line
so we will not be affected .


Our customers buy directly
from our store
or from trade events
attended by us.

By choosing to sell your
collection or individual souvenirs
your weapons
are  destined for sale
from a 
traditional "Military Antiques"



Our customers are mature 
collectors ,
museums ,and city investors
 all are,
or have
been individually vetted .
We refuse
to sell
items to parties who come without
Identification , appear
to be under
age or
those who are unwilling
to fill out
our basic paperwork.

The Trade in Nazi Memorabilia

If you have by inheritance 
of by other means acquired
Third Reich items
you may be aware that these
are now of high value.


German Swords
in no way supports the actions or
policies of the Nazis.


We make a distinction between
what we believe to be legitimate .

The buying of relics from the
forces in WW2 of all


We absolutely distance
from the offensive trade in reproduction
flags and
symbol and dealing
in goods obtained from graves.
And the marketing of
anything closly linked to the
the Holocaust.


Most of what we sell has been
acquired directly from the
families of WW2
Veterans. Where possible 
photographs and
paperwork are
requested to provide a
context for the artifacts.

Thank you for your time

David Mattey




German Swords
Updates for Fall 2017
  At German Swords
we are Happy to pay a little more
for our stock for good reason .

German Sword is the buying department
of one of the largest Military Antiques Markets.

Our Store is situated beside Arundel castle
which attracts
twenty five thousand History enthusiasts each year.

We struggle
to wrap sold items quickly enough during
our peak season.
We issue full advanced payment to sellers
before they are
required to ship items!

 Kriegsmarine Daggers 2017-2018 Cash Buyers Routinely Paying 30%-40% More!
Obtain an offer/free valuation without any obligation to sell we are at your service now.
Send us in an e-mail containing photos of your German Navy Dagger and we will provide you with up to date Offer/valuation. We know what Museums, collectors and our city investors are willing to pay .
We buy from Veteran’s families, collectors and dealers worldwide including the major advertisers on the internet today .We are high end retailers buying for a long term investment group and for some of the the most advanced collectors. Whether selling one Dagger or an entire collection would like the opportunity to make you a superior offer. do not support the unregulated sale of  Swords or knives on the World Wide Web.
We will only supply legitimate none political investors.m
Our Payment Policy is straightforward:Sellers receive immediate payment for your items in full. We pay any duty on goods arriving from outside Overseas and pay all postal costs.
By dealing with dedicated professionals you will avoid the risks associated with posting your personal details over the internet we operate a zero spam policy.
If you would prefer to speak to us directly rather than to 
 communicate via email we are quite happy to negotiate by telephone.
Our office is open 11am-5pm GMT every day. If you live within range please come and visit us.
Our services are confidential.
We are happy to make purchases regardless of distance.
We offer a legal selling option for those of you living within areas of the
Union where the open trading in some artifacts is forbidden.
A fat Militaria Dealer with a pretty Chinese WifeDavid Mattey is online to answer your inquiries.

. Our belief is that we have always made good offers because many dealers sell directly to us rather than trying to find buyers themselves ..

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J.F. Bock, Berlin

Otto Bromer, Wolfenbuttel

G Dittrich, Landau

G. Eckenhoff Nache, Berlin

Esser & Co, Koln

William Gunther, Dresden

William Gunther, Dresden

Fritz Kitzerow, Berlin

Gust. Laute, Berlin

W. Michovius, Cottbur

Mohr & Speyer, Berlin

Anton Schweyer, Munchen

L.A. Seyfferth, Dresden

Horst Wolff GmbH, Leipzig

M. Anneser, Freising

G. Asshenneller, Munchen

W. Bentrup & Sohne, Paderborn-Soest

A. Betz, Giessen

Adolf Braun, Berlin

A. Breiter, Munchen

Otto Bromer, Wolfenbuttel

Otto Bromer, Wolfenbuttel

Otto Bromer, Wolfenbuttel

Carl Busse, Mainz

F. Damaschke, Berlin

M. Dieschunti, Brandenburg

F. Eckhard, Hanau

F. Eckhard, Hanau

Elsener, Schwyz

Ferd. Erdt, Kaufbeuren

Esser & Co, Koln

Esser & Co, Koln

Esser & Co, Koln

Esser & Co, Koln

Federnfabril, ?

Fichtel & Sachs, Schweinfurt

Fleschenberg, Solingen

E. Frenzel E, Berlin

J.H.C. Frie, Hannover

Frisia, Solingen

Frister & Rossmann, Berlin

Frister & Rossmann, Berlin

Garantie, Solingen

Garantie Stahl, Solingen

Gustav Genschow - Geco, Berlin

Gustav Genschow - Geco, Berlin

Gustav Genschow - Geco, Berlin

Paul Gerstmann, Hirschberg

L. Gladrow, Greifswald

Carl Grundig, Dresden

Hans Grunwald, Magdeburg

Hans Gukumus, Wittenberg
Hast & Uhthoff, Dresden

Hast & Uhthoff, Dresden

Hast & Uhthoff, Dresden

Otto Haupt, Magdeburg

J.E.W. Hellgardt A.S., Koingsberg

Carl Henkel, Bielefeld

Carl Henkel, Bielefeld

Hertra Qualitat, ?

Philip Hess, Darmstadt

Joh. Hiller, Bad Cannstatt

Hommel, ?

H. Hommel, Mainz

J. Hommel, Aschaffenburg

J. Hommel, Aschaffenburg

E. Honer, Weinhelm

Hoppe & Homann Hufeisenfk, Minden Westfalen

H&P K, ?

Jetter & Scheerer, Tuttlingen

J.H.W.-E, ?

Th. Jost, Gottingen
Johann Kirch, Magdeburg

Gustav Klemme, Herford

Peter Kolb, Amberg

I. C. Kollmann, Quackenbruck

Hans Kramer, Nurnberg

Albert Kuhl, Munster

Albert Kuhl, Munster

Linnenbrugger & Ellermann, Bielefeld

Linnenbrugger & Ellermann, Bielefeld

W. Linsenmaier, ULM

Chr. Loewe , Hanau

Albert Loscher, Hamm

Albert Loscher, Hamm

Albert Loscher, Hamm

Aug. Luneburg, Kiel

L&W-H, ?

Marquardt & Eber, Ludwigsburg

Fritz Massong, Saarbrucken

Maury & Co., Offenbach

Jos. Mayer, Gorlitz

J.G. Merz, ?

Militarwarenhaus, Durbeck

Militarwarenhaus, Durbeck

Mohr & Speyer, Koln

ILH. Mossner, Munster

Move-Werk, Mahlhausen in Thr

Fr. Aug. Muhlenfeld, Bamen

Gebr. Muller, Fulda

Peter Muller, Gummersbach

H. Mutz, Lingen

H. Naubert, ?

K. Negele, Tubingen

K. Negele, Tubingen

Paul Nitze, Potsdam

Hans Prem, Amberg

Herm. Rath, Solingen

Herm. Rath, Solingen

Georg Reider, Munchen

Georg Reider, Munchen

Fahnen Reuter, Munster

Ruff, Ulm

Sautter, Lahr

R. Schatz, Breslau

R. Schatz, Breslau

R. Schatz, Breslau

Hermann Schellhorn, Offenbach

Hermann Schellhorn, Offenbach

Hermann Schellhorn, Offenbach

Ed. Scherm, Nurnberg

Schmitz, Solingen

G. Schule G, Boblingen

G.O. Schultz, Glogau

Fr. Sedlatek, Berlin

A. Seysen, Bamberg

W.&L. Shebben, Aachen

W.&L. Shebben, Aachen

W.&L. Shebben, Aachen

Chr. Sieber, Pirmasens

Solingen Stahl, Solingen

Solingen, Solingen

H. Sperling, Dresden

Herm. Spohr, Hannover

C.A. Staehle, Stuttgart

C.A. Staehle, Stuttgart

Statthalter, ?

F.W. Stock, Eisenach

Paul Tesche, Berlin-Spandau-Solingen

Uniformem-Wendt, Frankfurt

Verchromt, Solingen

Karl Volkmer, Dresden

Waffenfabrik, Neuhausen

Waffen-Loesche, Berlin

Walther & Co, Mahlhausen in Thr

Wilh. Warmann, Osnabruck

Josef Weithmann, Augsburg

W.F.P., ?

W.F.P., ?

Widmann & Sohn, Munchen

H. Wiemeyer, Haste-Osnabruck

Horst Wolff, GmbH, Leipzig

Horst Wolff, GmbH, Leipzig

Horst Wolff, GmbH, Leipzig

Peter Wolter Sohne, Eschweiler

L. Worz, Ulm

Zannantonio, Garmisch

Albert Ziegler, Giengen

Albert Ziegler, Giengen

Museums Paying For WW2 Militaria.

Before Contacting a museum
to find a home for militaria
you may wish to
contact us at ..

There is little more noble a
gesture than bequeathing
family medals and souvenirs
plucked from the battlefield.

The notion that such items are
best on display to the
world inside a public building
is correct in every respect.

If however you wish to learn the
commercial value
of what you have
please contact
us for a free offer /
valuation .

Our expertise primarily covers WWI ,
WWII with a good grasp and all other
conflicts .

If you decide to realise
cash on what you
have but stipulate that it must
only be sold to a
Museum will honour
such an
agreement and inform sellers
where the
items will be displayed once
a home has
been found for them. In most
Museums will accept
items with little
or no intention of
displaying them ..
Valuation Of Nazi Militaria?
By bequeathing
Items directly to a museum
you might be missing out on money
which the correct museum may pay
to us at GDW.
In a nutshell.
Get a valuation first ,
then decide on
your course of acton .

Graf Spee
If you think you have
interesting in the
line of militaria from
daggers to medals,to uniforms,
to badges please contact ,
Valuation of
Luftwaffe Gravity Knives

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Do you have a WWII German Knife,
E.F. Horster, earn commission,
El Alamein, Ernst Röhm SA Dagger,
Hans Ulrich Rudel, helmets,
Herbert Taylor genius behind
Depth charges,
I Will Never Sell Militaria
At Auction Again,
I would like my collection to go
to a good home,
Karl Dönitz Passport,
Klein & Quenzer (65),

Knighs Cross Of The War
Merit Cross, Knight’s Cross
The Knight’s Cross,
Knights Cross of the Iron
Cross, Knights Cross of the
Iron Cross with Oakleaves,
Laws Restricting
The sale of NAZI memorabilia





Selling German Daggers In South Africa
For The Correct Price.

Selling In The Global Market Has Never Been
Easier, However If You Are
Looking For
Local Expertise In South Africa You Have Come
To The Right Website.
 Mr James Murray A Cape Town German Dagger Enthusiast Has Been Chosen to Represent German Dagger 
In South Africa.
James Can Be Contacted 
Directly In South Africa
Via Email
For International Enquiries Email
was set up over
ten years ago It is a website that specialises in the buying of WW2 German daggers and all forms of “Militaria”.
The collectors, museums and investors who buy from are numerous .
 The site is entirely non-political and is not
connected to any past or present organisations.
We believe that artefacts should be preserved never
the ideology.
All genuine WW1/WW2/German Army, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, SS, Police Swords wanted!
Selling German Daggers In South Africa
Selling German Daggers In South Africa


German Daggers Wanted
NOW PAYING $50,000
For Rare Daggers.



 Payment In advance using The"paypal".Service.

The First
Dedecated German Dagger
Buying Site Ever.
Acquiring Nazi Daggers In
South Africa.

Are You Selling Nazi
Daggers In South Africa ?.

If You Are Selling Third Reich Items In South Africa ,You Might Have Already Discovered That Ebay have banned the listing of all Third Reich Items which display the Swastika.

The Decision Is Something We Understand .

A Line Has To Be Drawn To Avoid The Possible Offence Caused To Casual Net Surfers.

And Halt The Trade In Fake Replica Junk Which Has Not Historic Or Educational Value.

cased German medal

Faced Then With The Option Of Selling To A Specialist Dealer Of Finding A Collector May We State What We Can Offer You.

We Are History Enthusiasts Who Have Turned A Boyhood Hobby Into A Business.

Our Customers Are Educational Facilities ,Mature Collectors , Ethical Investment Groups And A Couple Of Specialists.

rlb second pattern officers

We Advocate That Potentially Offensive Material Belongs In A Balanced History Display Alone.

We Make it Impossible for Minors To Obtain Blades From German Daggers Wanted .com
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Whilst We Are Not Based In Canada We Have Bought From South African Dealers So It Is Therefore Reasonable To Assume That We Can Pay An Equal Or Better Price To What You Might Achieve Locally.



The DLV Flyers Knife also
referred to as a Glider Pilot Dagger or Knife 

By Josef Munch Brotterode.
These early DLV daggers have so much character !
The blue leather wrapped grip
on this example retains it’s colour.
The toned silver plated nickel guard retains much of its plating The pommel cap the survives in the same condition . The black enamelling to  the Swastika is 100% on both sides of the guard.
Stamped into the end of one wing is the letter “K”. 
The blade has not been touched since 1945.

it is always nice to find one in as good a condition as this example. We’ve made no attempt at cleaning the blade (not even wiping down with a cloth), so what you see it how we received it. There appears to be some dirt/grime on the blade, but also the typical oxidation spotting – although light and minimal.
Some scabbard runner marks are also present. Overall this blade is solid, with a very clear crossgrain, te original buffer pad in present , and well defined Josef Münch maker mark.
The deep blue leather wrapped scabbard shows wear matching the rest of the dagger. The leather shows some scratches, use wear, and a couple of nicks, but no cracks (the leather is not dry). The scabbard fittings on this DLV dagger have retained much of the original silver plating.
All screws are original to the piece and are  accounted for, and do not show signs of having ever been removed. The top of the scabbard throat shows the correct waffenamp stamp as expected. The dagger is one of a group of three .I attach the note from the son of the veteran from whom it belonged .
“Thank you,
Here is some info about my father J—– —– —- , I am named after my father. However, I have a Roman numeral II as a suffix. 
Dad was the 1st. Sergeant of Company C, he was in the 347th Infantry  Regiment, 87th Infantry Division, the Golden Acorn.
The 347th fought in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and Czechoslovakia. During his time in Europe he received a French medal, Ces Citations comportent l’attribution de la Croix de Guerre avec Etiole de Bronze.
He didn’t like talking about his time overseas. 
All I can tell you about the daggers is that he got them while in Germany. Hope this gives you some insight about the daggers.
It has been a pleasure conversing with you.”
J—- —-  —–111




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Why Would Anyone Collect Nazi?
By Ben Marks — June 23rd, 2011

When we started inviting people to post items from their collections on Show & Tell, we knew that sooner or later we’d be faced with a Nazi swastika. At first, we simply followed the lead of eBay and deleted anything with a Nazi swastika on it that was not a coin or a stamp. But then we noticed that the handful of people who were uploading these World War II medals, helmets, and badges appeared to be sincere militaria collectors, not neo-Nazis trying to sneak an offensive image onto our site.
The problem, of course, with anything bearing a Nazi swastika, regardless of its historical value, is that most people find the symbol offensive. It was the banner of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, which was responsible for the slaughter of some six million Jews, millions of ethnic Serbs and Poles, and hundreds of thousands of gypsies, people with disabilities, and homosexuals. Of the countries the Nazis attacked, the Soviet Union lost almost 20 percent of its population or 23 million souls, roughly three million of whom perished in prisoner-of-war camps.
But for collectors like AR8Jason, Nazi memorabilia, particularly those bearing the swastika, are unambiguous reminders of this suffering. Though upsetting to many, he believes these pieces have a place in any discussion of World War II. “To obliterate the symbols of Nazi Germany,” he says, “would be to obliterate that period from our knowledge, and to forget what took place. We need to be aware of what caused Nazi Germany, what happened, and how much horror came to this world because of it.”

1. Theodor Fritsch’s “Handbook of the Jewish Question” laid the groundwork for German anti-Semitism in 1896. When this edition was printed during the Nazi era, its cover bore a swastika. 2. Many of the flags and pins collected by people interested in Nazi artifacts were made by a company called Bernard Richter, whose 1935 catalog is shown at top.
AR8Jason served in the United States Navy from 1979 to 1983 and left active service, honorably, as a second-class petty officer. Today, he continues to serve his country as a commander at his local Veterans of Foreign Wars post. For the past 25 years or so, he’s also been a collector, gravitating toward belt buckles, pocket watches, advertising pieces, and practically anything else that tells a story or can be pegged to a particular moment in U.S. history.

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Not surprisingly, then, he also collects militaria, including medals and insignia worn by U.S. and Allied forces during World War II. Less intuitively, considering his passion for U.S. history and his past and present service to his country, he’s also collected a few Nazi-era items.
But you don’t have to look very far, AR8Jason says, to see what happens when history, however upsetting, is expunged from a culture or society. “We have a leader of Iran today who says the Holocaust did not take place. But even my youngest daughter knows better, and she’s in junior high school. So we should not remove these pieces from the public knowledge, from public view. I don’t see it as a glorification of Nazi military items. I’m a historian—these are pieces of history.”

3. A pair of pages from a 1935 German spelling book shows how the swastika was integrated into daily German life.
According to AR8Jason, the collecting of Nazi military items is not especially common among U.S. vets. “The World War II vets really didn’t get into collecting Nazi stuff,” he says. “But while they were over there, they picked up some souvenirs and brought them home. As those World War II vets have been dying off, these things are coming out of their hidden war chests and hitting the market. A lot of vets never talked about their experiences when they were alive because they didn’t think anyone would understand.”
“To obliterate the symbols of Nazi Germany would be to forget how much horror came to this world because of it.”
One of the purposes, he says, of organizations like the VFW is to give members a chance to share their experiences with people who really do understand what they’re talking about. “My suggestion to families is to get their family member who’s a veteran together with another veteran, then sit back and let them have a conversation,” he says. “Maybe record it—they will glean a lot of information about their family member and the history of those items that way.”
Mike, who prefers not to give his last name and posts on Show & Tell as stepback_antiques, is another collector whose wide interests include Nazi militaria. Unlike AR8Jason, who has military family roots, Mike did not serve in the military or have relatives who did. “Growing up in the 1960s, I was influenced by TV shows like ‘Combat’ and ‘Rat Patrol.'” he says. “When you’re a kid, you play soldiers all the time. One day a couple of neighbors came by and gave me a two badges from World War II that they had obtained while they were in Europe. One was German, and one was American. I just threw them in a box. When I was a bit older, probably in the mid-1970s, I was in an antiques store and saw a Japanese helmet. I thought it would be cool to have so I bought it. From that point on, I went to flea markets and antiques stores, and my collection just built from there.”
For Mike, Nazi and Japanese World War II militaria was intriguing for numerous reasons. “The American pieces were pretty easy to obtain,” he says. “Part of the attraction of collecting the German and Japanese pieces was the hunt—a lot of the Japanese equipment at the end of the war was melted down and destroyed. U.S. vets came back with pocketfuls of German badges, a helmet, a rifle, or a flag, but they were harder to find.”

4. Much to Adolf Hitler’s dismay, an African-American sprinter named Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.
Aesthetics were also a consideration. “The German pieces had more visual appeal to them. An American helmet would just be green, whereas the different branches of the German Armed Forces had different colored helmets with different decals on them. Each branch of the service also had its own badges.”
While Mike has specialized somewhat on pieces associated with the Kriegsmarine, or German Navy, all of his Nazi pieces have one thing in common. “I only collect military items that were carried by the soldiers,” he says. “I don’t care anything at all about Hitler or flags. It doesn’t interest me. I’m just a guy who collects things that your average soldier carried every day through the war.”
For Mike, this is an important distinction between what he’s doing and the motivations of others who are interested in Nazi materials more broadly. “You have other people,” he says, “who are really focused on Hitler and all that stuff. I don’t have a picture of him anywhere in my house. I despise the man. I’m interested in what it must have been like for a common German man to have to go off and fight for his country. There was a fear that if you didn’t do what you were told to do, your family would suffer the repercussions. What would I have done if I had been in that position?”
For some, any sympathy at all for anything related to the Nazis is unacceptable, as Mike quickly found out. “I got a couple of comments on Show & Tell from two different people who said, ‘Why don’t you get a job, you Nazi?’ That’s hard. I am not a militarist. I don’t like war. But at the same time, I look at things from a war historian’s point of view.”

5. These German World War II badges were awarded to soldiers, or their families, for being wounded or killed in battle.
While the controversy over Nazi material is a relatively recent phenomenon, the history of the swastika itself goes back almost 5,000 years. Beginning in the Bronze Age, Hindus and Buddhists living in the Indus River Valley considered the swastika an auspicious emblem. Ancient Greek artifacts are frequently decorated with swastikas, some of which are interlinked, and the use of swastikas among Native Americans dates to pre-Columbian times. In fact, the symbol was so common to the early-20th-century Navajo that official Arizona highway signs from the 1920s through the 1940s featured swastika-stamped arrowheads and pottery shapes on them.
In the 1920s, though, the Nazi Party in Germany embraced the swastika, and by the 1930s the emblem’s previous positive associations had been all but forgotten. By the end of World War II, this almost timeless symbol of good had become the banner of the Holocaust, genocide, and evil.
Given the swastika’s mid-20th-century past, many people believe it will never be possible to have a dispassionate conversation about the swastika without inadvertently invoking the specter of the white-supremacist ideology promoted by the Third Reich.
“There’s unfortunately no way to address the topic without potentially offending the sensibilities of people who have been traumatized by the Nazi regime,” says Stanislav Vysotsky, who teaches sociology at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, and has written extensively about contemporary hate groups.

6. Nazi military pieces, such as this Luftwaffe M-42 helmet, are popular among World War II history collectors.
Vysotsky describes himself as “fairly sympathetic” to what’s known as a no-platform position. “You should never create a platform for hate,” he says. Still, when it comes to the swastika, he believes there is a place for open discussion, “especially when that public discourse is about educating and enlightening people to the history of the items, and to their continued cultural significance and meaning as symbols of racism and genocide.”
“The swastika certainly has its place in historical archives, but if a person is just focused on Nazi material, then I think it’s perverse.”
For Abraham H. Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, intent determines whether the public airing of the swastika is considered acceptable or offensive. “Yes, it is okay to display a swastika, but it depends on the context. It could be very important to someone who fought in or survived World War II. It’s a part of their history.”
Stanislav Vysotsky agrees. “If you have people who are history aficionados,” he says, “then you’re talking about people who are collecting these items for historical purposes, as symbols of a reprehensible regime that was defeated and discredited. In the case of war veterans, they’re justifiably proud of their participation, or possibly a family member’s, in World War II. That’s very different from the way in which somebody who is a member of a contemporary neo-Nazi or supremacist group might be using these images.”
For neo-Nazis, owning a historic item with a swastika on it is a way to signal status within the group. “They’re being used,” says Vysotsky, “as something that can be displayed to other members to say, ‘Look at this cool thing I got that ties me back to the original Nazi movement, that ties me back to this hate.’ So in that sense, it’s a symbol of hate used to say, ‘This is how hardcore I am.’”

7. The front, back, and bottom of a porcelain mug typical of ones used by SS officers in their mess halls at concentration camps, field camps, city offices, and training camps.
Foxman goes further. “There are a lot of people who collect Nazi stuff for the wrong reasons,” he says. “The swastika certainly has its place in historical archives. But if the person is just focused on Nazi material, then what does that say about them? There is a lot of stuff associated with World War II. Are they also collecting Soviet material? In other words, are they really a World War II collector? If all they collect is Nazi stuff, then I think it’s perverse.”
Other people specialize within the universe of Nazi materials for reasons that would be understandable to any collector. David Witte, who has written a yet-unpublished book on Camp Hale, Colorado, where the famous 10th Mountain Division was based and trained, has been collecting World War II era German porcelain for about 12 years. “I have no interest in the neo-Nazi aspects of today and only collect these items for museum purposes and to preserve the truths about the past,” he says.
Witte was drawn to porcelain because many other Nazi items—from medals to uniforms to daggers—are reproductions created for the contemporary hate-group market. “Porcelain is harder to fake,” he says. “And when I got started, not as many people were collecting it.” That changed in 1999, when the Academy Award-winning film “American Beauty” was released. In that film’s famous revelation scene, a son sneaks into his father’s study to steal a glance of his father’s prized Nazi plate. In “American Beauty,” Dad was definitely not a history buff.

8. On the left, a pre-1920s good-luck watch fob touting the virtues of Kansas City’s livestock market. On the right, a pre-Nazi-era membership emblem distributed by the Boy Scouts.
Like AR8Jason, Witte sees the pieces he’s collected as a bridge to history. “The Luftwaffe, DAF, RAD, Wehrmacht, SS, Police, and Kriegsmarine all had their own markings that German manufacturers put under and over the glaze of their porcelain when they were contracted to supply dishes to the German military and other organizations during the Third Reich,” says Witte. “The contracts were probably too good to pass up, and these porcelain companies were as caught up in the nationalist hysteria of Nazi Germany as everybody else.”
Because the swastika was once the banner for genocide on the march, both Vysotsky and AR8Jason doubt that the swastika will ever be associated with anything other than Nazis for a long time to come. “I’ve got a watch fob that has a swastika in the middle of it,” says AR8Jason. “It dates from around 1900, definitely pre-Nazi. So I think the swastika can mean other things to people who know its pre-Nazi history. But for most folks, it will always be associated with Nazi Germany.”

9. As explained on the back of this pre-Nazi good-luck postcard from around 1907, the swastika “forms a combination of four ‘L’s’ standing for Luck, Light, Love and Life.”
Vysotsky concurs. “I highly doubt it will ever mean anything else because the symbol carries such political and emotional weight. Plus, people who still adhere to Adolf Hitler’s ideology continue to venerate it. I think it’s become such a collectively understood symbol that it’s highly unlikely its representation will change.”
“Every time somebody sees a swastika, they’re going to link it to Nazis and World War II because it impacted so many people,” says Mike. For that reason, he’s careful not to foist his collection on people who visit his home. “When people come to my house, they see my baseball collection, my furniture. But I don’t show people everything I collect because I don’t want to offend anybody.”
As for the use of the swastika by contemporary white-supremacist groups, for AR8Jason, that’s just plain illogical. “If they want to glorify and aggrandize the Nazi movement,” he says, “they need to look to the end of the book and see what happened—Germany lost. Hitler described America as a mongrel people, but the mongrels proved to be stronger than his Aryans.”Maker Marks German
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ACW - see Alexander Coppel GmbH
AES -= Arthur Evertz
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Ottersbach & Co., Solingen
PAWECO - see Paul Weyersberg & Co Perfectum - see E Spitzer
Pfeilringwerk - see Muller & Smschmidt
Puma, Pumawerk - see Lauterjung & Sohn
Ernst Pack & Sohne GmbH, Solingen
Anw Pauseback, Solingen
Daniel Peres Co GmbH, Solingen
Louis Perlmann (Louper), Solingen
Franz Pils & Sohne, Steinbach
Franz Pils & Sohne, Steyr
Julius Pils, Nixdorf
Friedrich Plucker Jr, Solingen-Grafrath
Richard Plumacher Sohn, Solingen
Richard Plumacher Sohn, Solingen
Pumeto, Solingen
ROMUSO - see Robert Muller & Sohn
Hugo Rader, Solingen
Ernst Hugo Rasspe, Solingen
Ehrhardt Reich, Schweina
Cuno Remscheid & Co (Remeve), Solingen-Aufderhohe
Josef Reuleaux, Solingen-Wald
Kuno Ritter, Solingen-Grafrath
Ernst Romer, Solingen
August Rother, Solingen
Albert Rottgen, Solingen
Ernst Rottgen, Solingen
Franz Rupprecht, Duren
J P Sauer & Sohn, Suhl
Carl D Schaaff, Solingen
Eugen Scheidt, Solingen-Ohligs
Carl A Schlieper, Solingen-Remscheid
Josef Schlimbach, Solingen
J A Schmidt & Sohne, Solingen
Rudolf Schmidt, Solingen
Friedrich Aug Schmitz, Solingen
Gustav Schneider Nachf, Solingen
Hermann Schneider, Solingen-Aufderhohe
Hermann Schneider, Solingen-Aufderhohe
Abr Schnittert (Wasso), Solingen-Wald
Emil Schrick & Sohn, Solingen
Arthur Schuttelhofer & Co (Asso), Solingen-Wald
Paul Seilheimer, Solingen
Hugo Servatius, Solingen
Otto Simon, Steinbach
Solinger Axt und Hauerfabrik GmbH, Solingen-Ohligs
Solinger Axt und Hauerfabrik GmbH, Solingen-Ohligs (Small)
Solinger Axt und Hauerfabrik GmbH, Solingen-Ohligs
Spalteneder, Muchen
C Gustav Spitzer KG, Soligen
Karl Spitzer, Steinbach
Franz Steinhoff, Solingen-Wald
Stocker & Co (SMF), Solingen
Otto Stover, Solingen
Suddeutsche Messerfabrik GmbH, Gefrees
Tiger - see Lauterjung & Co
Karl Tiegel (Tiegelwerk), Riemberg, Schlesien
Carl Tillmann Sohne KG, Solingen-Remscheid
Gebr Torley, Solingen-Wald
Undine - see Kuno Meisenburg
Eduard Vitting, Solingen
Aldolf Volker, Schmalkalden
Aldolf Volker, Schmalkalden
Emil Voos, Solingen
Gustav Voss, Solingen
Waffenhammer - see Max Kaiser
Wagner & Lange, Solingen
Wilhelm Wagner, Solingen-Merscheid
Fritz Weber, Wien
Franz Weinrank, Wien
Wilhelm Weltersbach, Solingen
A Werth, Solingen
Wester & Butz, Solingen-Merscheid
Gebr Wester (Fridericus), Solingen
Gebr Weyersberg GmbH, Solingen-Ohligs
Gebr Weyersberg GmbH, Solingen-Ohligs
Gottfried Weyersberg Sohne KG, Solingen
Gottfried Weyersberg Sohne KG (Baron), Solingen
Gottfried Weyersberg Sohne KG (Baron), Solingen
Gustav Weyersberg Nachf, Solingen
Gustav Weyersberg Nachf, Solingen
Max Weyersberg WMW, Solingen
Max Weyersberg WMW, Solingen
Max Weyersberg WMW, Solingen
Max Weyersberg WMW, Solingen
Paul Weyersberg & Co, Solingen
Paul Weyersberg & Co, Solingen
Paul Weyersberg & Co (PAWECO), Solingen
Reinhard Weyersberg, Solingen
Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie AG (WKC), Solingen
Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie AG (WKC), Solingen
Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie AG (WKC), Solingen
Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie AG (WKC), Solingen
Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie AG (WKC), Solingen
Thomas Wielputz GmbH, Solingen-Hohscheid
Anton Wingen Jr, Solingen
Anton Wingen Jr, Solingen
Arthur Wingen (Chromolit), Solingen
Arthur Wingen (Chromolit), Solingen
Arthur Wingen (Chromolit), Solingen
Gustav Wirth, Solingen-Grafrath
Ernst Erich Witte, Solingen
Ernst Erich Witte, Solingen
Josef Wolf, Munchen-Au
Wolfertz Is, Solingen-Grafrath
Rudolf Wurzer, St. Christofen
Carl Wusthof AG (Gladiatorwerk), Solingen
Carl Wusthof AG (Gladiatorwerk), Solingen
Ed Wustoff, Solingen
Zwillingswerk - see J A Henckels KG
Ludwig Zeitler, Wien

Distributor Marks
Long Marks

J.F. Bock, Berlin

Otto Bromer, Wolfenbuttel

G Dittrich, Landau

G. Eckenhoff Nache, Berlin

Esser & Co, Koln

William Gunther, Dresden

William Gunther, Dresden

Fritz Kitzerow, Berlin

Gust. Laute, Berlin

W. Michovius, Cottbur

Mohr & Speyer, Berlin

Anton Schweyer, Munchen









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Second Pattern Kreigsmarine daggers by F.W.Holler, Nazi Kriegsmarine daggers with brass scabbards and fittings and Cream celluloid grips required. Blades should be in good condition light marks are acceptable, Etched with sailing ship or the fouled ancher design.£600-£700 Paid for good examples.




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