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German Daggers 2017.
For 2018 German Daggers
Wanted are
encourageing those with
war relics to sell 
to contact us online 
for our experts opinions 
or FREE comprehensive
We are 
retailers of history with
an impressive
international foot fall.
Our legendary online
service continues
as ever with most
of our stock
sourced in the U.S.A.



The Listing Of Nazi Items And
Weapons Has Been Banned From
Ebay.How Then do I sell
Valuable Nazi Items
Online/ OverThe Internet ??




Advanced Collections Purchased
Up To $500000 Now!
We form part of the Nations
largest Militaria buying collective
Operating from the Largest High
Street Store, WELCOME !







                Buy British, U.S.,German
                  and Most other war souvenirs.




               We are resident consultants at

Are the top paying profesionals
buying historic
 souvenirs directly from veteran's families

GDW pay researched establish
 the value for what you have?
We are not in the buisiness of haggling
we are happy to pay the
market value for all required items
Contact us today and recieve immediate
"Paypal" pre payment . 
This service applies to both
the purchase of advanced collections and individual items.

Second Pattern Kreigsmarine daggers by F.W.Holler, Nazi Kriegsmarine daggers with brass scabbards and fittings and Cream celluloid grips required. Blades should be in good condition light marks are acceptable, Etched with sailing ship or the fouled ancher design.£600-£700 Paid for good examples.









Edged weapons and WW2 German memorabilia have
been banned from the major internet auction site Ebay.

We buy for responsible academic collectors,
museums and historians.
Those with an interest in preserving
artefacts that help chronicle military history.
buy directly from you,
therefore you
avoid letting auctioneers
take a slice of the pie. considers
the open display of Nazi
symbols outside of a balanced
historical collection to be
both irresponsible and offensive.

By dealing with dedicated professionals
you will avoid the security risks associated with
your personal details over the internet. 

Payment Policy 

Sellers receive immediate payment for items in full.
We pay any duty on goods arriving from outside
the United Kingdom and pay all postal costs. 

If you wish to speak to us directly rather
than to communicate via email we are happy to
negotiate by
telephone. Our office is open 11am-5pm GMT every day. 

If you live within range please come
and visit us. Our services are confidential.

We are happy to make purchases regardless
of distance. We offer a legal selling option for those of
you living within areas of the European Union where
the open trading in such artifacts is forbidden.


Most of our stock is obtained from the families of veterans in The
U.S.A. and the U.K. 


The Arundel Antiques Market Ltd.
18 High Street
West Sussex
BN18 9AB


Send an e-mail to us today or telephone 
0044 (0) 1903-884602


Mr David Mattey (buyer)




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